We were very happy with our recent order of hand carved ornament bulbs. They arrived the next day after we placed the order online. The workmanship is fantastic! Mr. & Mrs. DeVollis, Traverse City, MI ~~~ I was thrilled when I received my order for a Blue Jay wall art woodcarving! Artist Jim Durow pays attention to every detail! Mark C., Livonia, MI ~~~ The Bird carvings of Wooden Feather Carving Studio are the most realistic I have ever seen. I would recommend them highly to anyone. Deborah H., Chicago, IL ~~~

"Learn To Carve With Jim Durow"

Artist - Instructor Jim Durow offers private lessons where he teaches one-on-one how to carve, texture and paint a realistic bird carving! One-on-One Lessons are one hour in duration, on a weekly basis and go through all the steps of bird carving. Lessons are offered from January 1st through March 31st only.

Lesson Cost:

$25 per one hour instruction

One Time Material Cost:

$15 due at the beginning of the 1st lesson (This fee covers a wood blank, glass eyes,and bird feet)


504 E. St. Clair St., Marine City, Mi. 48039

To reserve private lesson please call Jim at:

Cell phone: 810-887-8973

Four Steps of Bird Carving

1. Anatomy - The Student gains a knowledge of bird anatomy, Feather groupings,wing detail, beak detail, are discussed. Observe specimen. Also 3d projection is covered with emphasis on side, front, and top view.

2. 3D Carving - The student is shown how to lay out pattern on wood. Blank is cut out. The student is then instructed on the use of the Foredom power carver in which they rough out the carving. Special care is given to show the student each step in the process of working out the bird in 3 dimension.

3. Texture - The process of texturing the carving to achieve life-like results is covered in detail. The student is instructed in the use of the foredom micro-motor in which they learn how to stone and detail fine areas. Woodburning with the electric pen is taught. The student learns how to put in the fine line burning to bring the bird to "life".

4. Hand-Painting - Special attention is given to the student as I guide them through my style of hand painting achieving soft blends of color and subtle detail. The student is taught how to use wash coats of paint to a build up various shades of color to give depth and realism to the painting. Every step of this process is instructed in detail at the students own pace to insure their knowledge of this important process is gained and can be utilized in their future projects.

It is my goal that each student has fun and at the same time learns the art of wildlife carving and painting to enjoy for many years to come!

Jim Durow
Wooden Feather Carving Studio